Forget mega conferences where you return to your office with tons of business cards that end up in the trash. We are very deliberate about creating an intimate business setting and about the number of the attendees invited so that each participant can share knowledge and develop leads for meaningful business relationships. We have 36 new opportunities to meet and dialogue. During your last industry conference, did you feel that you were able to gain actionable competitive knowledge from 90% of the speakers, AND from 90% of the attendees? Were you able to meet and dine with the speakers? Do you want to have an actual dialogue with the speakers or listen to a recording, podcast, or a webinar pre, during and post a conference. How would that different would that be from watching a YouTube video at home? You will be able to utilize the “ART OF THE DEAL”! In 2016 when we only had an Executive Coach Meets Industry Leaders Reception and Gala…
• 10% of the attendees walked away with new business opportunities (hired.)
• An additional 10% left with potential business partnership.
• 95% left having met someone they did not know before and one year later 75% of those have forged solid business relationships including partnering with one another on projects! These are remarkable statistics.

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