Dr. K.T. Connor

Dr. K.T. Connor

President at Robert S. Hartman Institute AND Managing Director, Center for Applied AxioMetrics

K.T. is a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California; OD specialist; certified axiometrician.

She seeks to assist consultants and clients in understanding more deeply the dynamics of the human thinking process and leveraging its impact upon personal, economic, and community progress. Loves facilitating work teams and individuals to work more productively and to problem-solve more effectively. Eager to enroll other consultants in the use of axiometrics and in spreading the paradigm-shattering impact of the methodolgy developed by Nobel nominee Robert S. Hartman.

Specialties: One of only a few in the country with extensive experience in axiometrics, the highly validated non-self-report methodology for measuring decision-making style and actual thinking processes; facilitator and coach; team bulding and strategic planning facilitator; superb in bringing diverse–even conflicting–people together to achieve extraordinary results.
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ASSESSMENT REVIEW: Thinking Pattern Profile (* Bid on Certification)


Overview of the Thinking Pattern ProfileTM ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVE: Identify thinking and decision-making style, and resulting strengths and development areas USEFUL in Business, Family, Relationships, Academic settings VALUE (REVIEW): Unlike self-report instruments, this instrument measures, not what a person reports they are like, but how they actually think. Not what they think, but how they think. […]

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