Jennifer Gerves-Keen, M.A., PCC

Jennifer Gerves-Keen, M.A., PCC

ACEC Executive Coach

Jennifer helps organizations solve problems, mostly to do with their people. She enjoys a challenge. Jennifer supports individuals who are figuring out where they want to go – mainly as leaders – and ensure they get there. She is passionate about moving organizations and people forward in effective, business-friendly ways. Jennifer likes to use science to further understand behaviors and reactions (specifically neuroscience and other scientific research and data).

An award-winning coach, her focus is on offering excellent learning & development experiences within organizations. She creates successful performance management programs for clients; assist others with business strategies. In essence, she works in partnership with clients to figure out the best; most cost-effective and sustainable ways of moving their people and their businesses forward; whether it’s through the building or changing the culture, training, and development, coaching, or creating more efficient people processes. She works with my clients on a long-term basis and is continually learning to bring thought leadership and innovative solutions to clients.

I have a somewhat different ‘worldview’ given that I have lived and worked in many different cultures. I have the ability to almost immediately understand and adapt to any organizational culture and use that to integrate myself quickly into the work environment. I make everything I do applicable, useful, practical, and based on real-life business knowledge.

I have worked with all levels of government, and most areas of the private sector including engineering, manufacturing, finance, professional services, and high-tech.

Other items of interest that you may wish to know about me:

– Certified Professional Coach with the ICF
– Master’s Degree in Adult Learning from the UK
– Fluent in French (12 years of living/working in France)
– Volunteer with the CoachGiving program of the Vancouver chapter of the ICF
– Activator with

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