Susan Curtin, MS, MCEC, BCC, CEAP: Co-Chair MEECO Designation

Susan Curtin, MS, MCEC, BCC, CEAP: Co-Chair MEECO Designation

President of Insights4Results, LLC; Adjunct Faculty, San Diego State University; Frm Training & Devel. Mgr, Health & Human Service Agency, County of San Diego

An Award winning OD Professional with 25 years of experience assisting organizations with employee engagement,development and succession/talent management.

She started a coaching/consulting firm after more than 20 years of experience training & coaching internal/external personnel in San Diego County & City organizations. Soon after, she noticed gaps in coaching teams that were not being addressed by existing coaching models & programs.
• The first gap noticed was that there was no coaching to hire the right individual for the job in the first place.
Susan created Managing4Results™ to address this & other gaps when she noticed that:
• Approaches of existing coaching programs tended to coach everyone the same & didn’t account for each individual having a unique set of skills, challenges or their current performance State.
• Then there was no support to coach leaders when they were in the Slipping State.
• After coaching leaders to become better managers, there was no plan to coach these developed leaders to succession.
My coaching includes leadership development, transition to the next stage of leadership, succession management & work on key competencies including interpersonal savvy/EQ & political acumen. She specializes in utilizing Managing4Results™ program to facilitate managers & leaders in developing personnel while building their own capacity to coach their teams ensuring greater employee engagement.
Behind Every Good Result Is a Great Insight.
Managing4Results™ provides the objective insight needed to help your company’s leaders proactively manage change better & coach teams to achieve greater results.
It’s for companies and for independent consultants who wish to be certified to use it with their clients.
Call 619-980-1458 or email to schedule a convenient time to determine if Managing4Results™ is a good fit to help grow your business.

Specialties: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Team building, Organization Consulting, Succession, Talent Management, HeartMath, Management Training
Managing4Results™ Model

MASTER CLASS & LUNCH: Track 1 / Session A: Developing Managers as Internal Coaches: An impact study in a pharmaceutical company


Susan Curtin:President of Insights4Results, LLC; Adjunct Faculty, San Diego State University; Former Training & Development Manager, Health & Human Service Agency, County of San Diego and Stacy Starkka, Sr. Consultant and Affiliate Faculty at CSU Institute for Palliative Care                               This session will present the findings for how a Pharmaceutical company successfully created a customized […]

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ASSESSMENT REVIEW: Managing for Results™ & HeartMath™ (* Bid on Both Certifications)


*CERTIFICATIONs FOR THIS ASSESSMENTS ARE AVAILABLE IN OUR SILENT AUCTION ( Reaching Further for Greater Insights MANAGING4RESULTS: Consultants, Coaches, Training and Organization Development Professionals can get certified in the Managing4Results™ system to deliver this program with their current and future clients. Managing4Results™ is an intuitive, practical, and diverse teaching model which guides managers on how […]

Conference Day-2

MEECO Designation Ceremony: Black Tie


MEECO Designation Ceremony, a Black Tie event honoring organizations who have received their designation… The MEECO (Measuring Employee Experience, Executive Coaching and Culture in Organizations) Designation recognizes organizations of all types who clearly demonstrate their belief in the importance of employee engagement for the development and retention of top talent. The Institute recognizes organizations that […]

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