“Climate Change: Personal Resilience to World Resilience” Track: A: Wed: 1:00-2:00pm

We are at a critical pivot point in our world. Climate change is upon us and it is everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility. We will need to harness the tools of resilience to manage the stress, manage change, and proactively plan forward. We need to educate ourselves and respond as coaches in our work.

Our clients are increasingly worried about climate change. Some are trying to figure out how to shift their work into this most pressing field. Many are experiencing ecoparalysis or ecoanxiety. For others it’s a creeping problem- a future state or someone else’s current problem that it’s felt and shelved or worse, denied.

We need to educate ourselves on the impacts of climate change and how we can respond as coaches in our work. We are just figuring out the role of therapists in how to support psychological adaptation. We need to add in the coaches and organizational consultants.

Coaches are experts in mobilizing active hope, resilience, grit, accountability and change- individually and with organizations. This talk introduces a coaching framework for using the tools of coaching to work with eco-paralysis, eco-anxiety and eco-action. It addresses social and psychological impacts of climate change, and talks about how you as a coach or coaching organization can respond within your existing work and beyond.

  1. Describe the psychological impacts of climate change
  2. Apply a coaching framework to help shift clients from ecoanxiety to ecoaction
  3. Apply to skills of coaching transformation to do their part with climate change in this world

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Thursday, Oct 17
Dr. Catherine Carr, MCEC

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