Workshop: “Awareness 20/20: A new leadership assessment that fosters deep awareness” Track “B”: Thurs: 4:00-5:30: Assessment Tool


Dr. Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins


Joy Lubeck

Think about times in your career you have worked with various leaders who are very self-aware vs. those who are not. We know that great leaders have deep awareness on many dimensions.  Sometimes we call this executive presence or strategic thinking or design thinking or growth mindset. Numerous studies have demonstrated it’s a leader’s mindset and soft skills that predict long-term success.

Awareness20/20Ô challenges leaders to consider their current mindset and take charge of their own careers. It measures their level of self-awareness, creativity, emotional intelligence, caring and connection, communication, intuition, and higher good.  This multi-dimensional assessment helps leaders focus on areas they can impact quickly, simply by challenging how they think and helping them understand how their awareness is evolving.

As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of administeringAwareness20/20Ô for Coaching Engagements, Leadership Development, and Team Development.
  • Describe the seven dimensions of self-awareness and how and when to use the Awareness20/20Ô Leadership Assessment.
  • Explain how to use this assessment to engender deeper self-awareness through a 720° feedback model
  • Describe how the 720° feedback model may be used for assessing ROI.


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Thursday, Oct 17
Dr. Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins, MCEC; Joy Lubick, MCEC

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